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  • Limit search results by using CONTAINS ALL KEYWORDS option and using two-word phrases like "male bnc", "banana adapter" or "50ohm terminator"
  • Avoid plurals. For example, use "adapter" instead of "adapters".
  • The search is not case-sensitive so you can save time by using all lower case letters
Find accessories for electronic test instruments with Pomona Electronics - Search Help

With Pomona Electronics search, you can search for and find exactly the right accessories for electronic test instruments.

Use the Model data as the absolute best way to find exactly the accessories you are searching for. Each accessories or products is given a unique numeric identifier. If you use Model number, you're searching for only that exact accessories.

Otherwise, if you don't know the Model number, it's best to search using multiple fields, "Description" and "Keyword" for example. This will provide the most specific results, the narrowest search. However, since the search looks for Electronics accessories, which fit ALL your criteria, if any one field is incorrect, you may not get any results. In that case, enter information for fewer fields and try again.

Description: Enter the exact keywords from within the description. Leaving out words like "the" or "and" will work, too. If you search using a complete description and can't find what you're looking for, try again with fewer words, such as omitting the model number or change the keyword from your search.

Keywords: These words are words related to the keyword or description of the Electronics accessories. Enter one or more words. Sometimes products include keywords with their data and sometimes they do not, so "Keywords" is the least accurate field by which to conduct a search. If you don't know the specific keyword, or if you're just browsing for accessories, then this field could give you the broadest selection of results.

The search is not case-sensitive so you can save time by using all lower case letters
Can't find what you're looking for? Please visit our Custom Products section for requests Happy searching!

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